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Guess Who? A Barn Mystery

Posted by on Mar 16, 2013 in Argos Antics, Barn, Wildlife | 0 comments

Look up. Look waaaaaay up. See anything different on the barn roof? You’ll have to look close, because the iPhone zoom isn’t that great in a big dark barn… Who could it be? Who is that sitting on that beam? Who who! Whooooo? It’s a barn owl! The first we’ve had, but most likely not the first the barn has seen.  ...

Take that, Winter: Insulating the Carriage House

Posted by on Oct 11, 2011 in Argos Acres, Carriage House, Stage Two: Construction | 0 comments

In preparation for the coming snow, we’re insulating the Carriage House to the max to keep toasty, save our pennies and turn that place into a cosy little home. The first step is Typar-ing, or protecting the house with House Wrap. Usually, you do this with new house construction and it serves as an exterior barrier that is semi-permeable. This means that wind and weather keep out, but any moisture in the wall can still breathe out-wards. However, you’ll notice in that snazzy diagram that it usually goes on the outside of a house, but because we’re retrofiting the Carriage House, we’re doing it inside-out. For us and the state...

But we can’t-elope!

Posted by on Sep 27, 2011 in Argos Acres, Argos Appetite, Garden | 0 comments

Oh yes we can… grow cantaloupe! The Argos Acres garden has produced a few (albeit very small and very few) cantaloupes! We thought we might fare well with watermelon but we didn’t expect the cantaloupe to work. We had given up hope after a hot day killed the vine, but a month later this little guy jumped at us. We enjoyed the cantaloupe with our friends Skye and Drew and Drew’s fantastic parents, who all dropped by the Farm on Sunday for a visit during Taste! in the County....

Footloose & Fancy-free: Dave in the Rafters

Posted by on Sep 27, 2011 in Argos Antics, Carriage House, Renovation | 0 comments

As promised, here’s Dave’s bare feet in action as he rambles over the rafters stapling our foam airflow vents to the roof. The temperature automatically rises 10 degrees when you climb up there, so that explains the shirtless working conditions. The shoe-less working conditions? Well, there’s not much to explain that! Dave’s got his own way of doing things, and hey, as long as he’s not stepping on any nails (okay, any more nails…!) then he’s free to do as he pleases! This is the first step in our insulating journey. Stay tuned for the next step:...